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The program organizes and manages a number of group exhibitions in galleries and contemporary art spaces, scattered in different cities across Europe. All the exhibitions are conceived with the contribution of our curators and critics and each of them is different in themes, numbers of artists participating in, types and quantity of the presented works. The shows are scheduled throughout the year; the artists enrolled in the program will be invited to the shows.

The high quality of spaces and galleries along with the professionalism of international curators make our exhibitions not to be missed for artists who want to create or to expand their annual curatorial program of exhibitions.
To join the program, you must first fill in the application form. The application sending is free.
Our curatorial team will consider the request, based on the artist's skills and on the quality of his work. If the request is accepted, you become a member of the project and you will be able to choose the type of program that interest you to follow. The cost of the program can vary, depending on the number of annual exhibitions in which you want to take part and on the kind of related curatorial service. In the application form you can find the details of the various possibilities.
Apply now in order to grow up your art career!


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